The Clap

The Grouch & Eligh also referred to as G&E are a Hip Hop duo based out of California. As original members of the Living Legends Crew an eight man Hip Hop group, the Grouch & Eligh teamed up to create their own side project which would form G&E. After a long solid run and still maintaining apart of Living Legends, the two went on to gain just as much or more notoriety as the Living Legends did.

The Grouch & Eligh have released a total of four albums. "G&E Music Volume 1 & 2" ‎was their first album that was released in 2000. Following was "No More Greener Grasses" which they released in 2003 which is where this Single Ep is from. The they went on to release "Say G&E!" in 2009 and most recently they released "The Tortoise And The Crow" in 2009.

The Grouch & Eligh released The Clap Ep in 2003 though Legendary Music.